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Date Title Location Session Code
Nov 05, 2020Grade 5 Math PLC with Ulana SoletskyWebinar21-DD-NG-US-040
Nov 05, 2020Structured Literacy-Rethinking Your Approach of Literacy for All with Kelly GibbsWebinar21-LI-065
Nov 05, 2020Inclusive Planning for K-6 Classrooms--4 part series with Shelley MooreWebinar21-IE-012-CARC
Nov 04, 2020English Language Arts 7-9: Professional Learning Cohort with Tannis Niziol and Irene HeffelWebinar21-LI-164
Nov 04, 2020Google Forms #2 with Jody BlackmoreWebinar21-TI-097-CARC
Nov 04, 2020Differentiating Mathematical Instruction: 5 - 9 with Marian SmallWebinar21-MA-035
Nov 04, 2020The Respecting Diversity Program (Social Emotional Learning) with Kelly GibbsWebinar21-IE-157
Nov 04, 2020Building a Thinking Mathematics Classroom with Peter LiljedahlWebinar21-MA-070
Nov 04, 2020Mathematics & Numeracy Coaching with Ulana SoletskyWebinar21-DD-NG-US-031
Nov 03, 2020Grade 4 Math PLC with Ulana SoletskyWebinar21-DD-NG-US-039
Nov 03, 2020Supporting Teacher Moderation in French Immersion: Even if you are a principal that does not speak french. with Kara BowlesWebinar21-FR-093
Nov 03, 2020“10 Days of Google” Day Nine: Google Apps Smash - Slides and Sheets with Janet BellWebinar21-TI-125
Nov 03, 2020Differentiating Mathematical Instruction: K - 4 with Marian SmallWebinar21-MA-034
Nov 03, 2020Flipping the Classroom with Kelly GibbsWebinar21-IE-156
Nov 03, 2020L'enseignement de la lecture guidée en présentiez et à distance: pratiques efficaces with Kim DoucetWebinar21-FR-109
Nov 03, 2020Using Structured Word Inquiry (SWI) for Intervention, Early Learning, and English Language Learners with Amber CahillWebinar21-LI-027
Nov 03, 2020Violent Threat Risk Assessment Level 1 with Pat RivardWebinar21-IE-135
Nov 02, 2020E-Course: Introduction to Literacy and Numeracy Progressions (Fall 2020) with Kim TackaberryWebinar21-LI-114
Nov 02, 2020ECourse: Education for Reconciliation - Assembling Strength (Fall 2020) with Donna Ross and Wanda DechantWebinar21-AB-113
Nov 02, 2020Digital Roots with Ulana SoletskyWebinar21-DD-EX-US-030
Nov 02, 2020Hands-On Math in a Hands-Off Virtual World K-3 with Jane FellingWebinar21-MA-085-CARC
Nov 02, 2020Psychological First Aid for a Pandemic (REPEAT) with Alberta Health Services Staff MembersWebinar21-MH-163
Nov 02, 2020Violent Threat Risk Assessment Level 1 with Pat RivardWebinar21-IE-015-CARC
Nov 02, 2020Violent Threat Risk Assessment Level 1 with Pat RivardWebinar21-IE-135
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