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Sep 28, 2020“10 Days of Google” Day Three: Google Docs and the Chrome Browser with Janet BellWebinar21-TI-119
Sep 28, 2020Making Meaning: Embedded Literacy Across The Curriculum Grades 7-12 with Tannis NiziolWebinar21-LI-067
Sep 28, 2020What Does It Mean to be a Learning Coach? with Adelee PennerSturgeon County21-DD-SSD-AP-014
Sep 25, 2020ERLC Learning Facilitators Meeting with John WaterhouseEdmonton21-MT-186
Sep 24, 2020Help! My child is in French Immersion and I don’t speak the language! with Marylou GammansWebinar21-FR-042
Sep 24, 2020Understanding Neuroplasticity for Better Learning and Teaching Series: (2 of 6) why and how to activate neurons linked to targeted learning? with Steve MassonWebinar21-FR-079
Sep 24, 2020WEBINAR SERIES: Outdoor Learning Collaborative Community Gr 4-6 with Christina PicklesWebinar21-IE-008
Sep 24, 2020“10 Days of Google” Day Two: Google Drive with Janet BellWebinar21-TI-118
Sep 24, 2020The Respecting Diversity Program with Kelly GibbsWebinar21-IE-053
Sep 24, 2020Implementing The Third Path Framework to Support Student Well-Being and Achievement in a COVID-19 World with David TranterWebinar21-IE-036
Sep 23, 2020Powering Up Blended Learning with Catlin TuckerWebinar21-IE-021
Sep 23, 2020Balance With Blended Learning with Catlin TuckerWebinar21-IE-022
Sep 23, 2020Parler français : la découverte langagière continue même à la maison ! with Marylou GammansWebinar21-FR-041
Sep 23, 2020WEBINAR SERIES: Outdoor Learning Collaborative Community K-3 with Christina PicklesWebinar21-IE-007
Sep 23, 2020Learning Disabilities-What It Is, Who It Is, What Happens? (overview) with Kelly GibbsWebinar21-IE-055
Sep 23, 2020Mathematical Diagnostic Goals and Strategies: 5 - 9 with Marian SmallWebinar20-MA-449
Sep 22, 2020French Immersion Action Sub-Committee Meeting with John WaterhouseWebinar21-MT-183
Sep 22, 2020Unpacking French Immersion Teaching Attrition: What can principals do to help? with Kara BowlesWebinar21-FR-089
Sep 22, 2020“10 Days of Google” Day One: Google Mail with Janet BellWebinar21-TI-117
Sep 22, 2020Flipping the Classroom with Kelly GibbsWebinar21-IE-052
Sep 22, 2020Mathematical Diagnostic Goals and Strategies: 5 - 9 with Marian SmallWebinar20-MA-449
Sep 22, 2020Strategies for Interactive Oral Communication in French Immersion with Léo-James LévesqueWebinar21-FR-045
Sep 22, 2020The Power of Integration: Writing to Maximize Instructional Time with Karen FilewychWebinar21-LI-031
Sep 21, 2020Naviguer la rentrée ; stratégies qui nous guideront les premières semaines. with Marylou GammansWebinar21-FR-040
Sep 21, 2020The Return to School: Supporting the Mental Health of High School Students with Bev Baker-HofmanWebinar21-HS-002-CARC
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