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Date Title Location Session Code
Oct 20, 2020Grade 4 Math PLC with Ulana SoletskyWebinar21-DD-NG-US-020
Oct 20, 2020Leading Through Uncertain and Challenging Times - Creating a Network of Support with Corrie ZieglerWebinar21-LE-032
Oct 20, 2020In Conversation: The Power of Book Clubs with Tannis NiziolWebinar21-LI-012
Oct 20, 2020Progression Series K - 4 with Christine MichalyshenWebinar21-MA-193
Oct 20, 2020“10 Days of Google” Day Seven: Google Jamboard with Janet BellWebinar21-TI-123
Oct 20, 2020Differentiating Mathematical Instruction: K - 4 with Marian SmallWebinar21-MA-034
Oct 20, 2020How to Group for Learning with Kelly GibbsWebinar21-IE-062
Oct 20, 2020Supporting English Language Learners in Elementary Classrooms with Paula MarkusWebinar21-LI-142
Oct 20, 2020Using Structured Word Inquiry (SWI) Matrices to Support Classroom Instruction with Amber CahillWebinar21-LI-026
Oct 19, 2020Google Slides #2 with Jody BlackmoreWebinar21-TI-013-CARC
Oct 19, 2020Google Slides #2 with Jody BlackmoreWebinar21-TI-147
Oct 19, 2020Progression Series K - 4 with Christine MichalyshenWebinar21-MA-193
Oct 17, 2020Fall Virtual French Boot Camp (Parlons français series) with Michelle De AbreuWebinar21-FR-017
Oct 16, 2020Collaborative Community: Teen Mentoring in Schools (Edmonton Cohort) with Meghan Cox and Caroline GoslingWebinar21-CP-015
Oct 15, 2020French as a Second Language (FSL) PD Playlist with Julie Valliancourt and Shayna EngelWebinar21-FR-190
Oct 15, 2020English Language Arts and Literacy 4-6: Professional Learning Cohort with Tannis Niziol and Irene HeffelWebinar21-LI-168
Oct 15, 2020Any place any time learning with SMART Learning Suite Online - Explore the “Games” Templates and Formative Assessment SMART Response tools with Janet BellWebinar21-TI-133
Oct 15, 2020Book Club: "The Power of Making Thinking Visible" with Trisha Sotropa and Kathy CharchunWebinar21-CR-072
Oct 15, 2020Understanding Neuroplasticity for Better Learning and Teaching Series: (3 of 6) Why and How to Train Memory Recovery and Explanation Development? with Steve MassonWebinar21-FR-080
Oct 15, 2020Guided Reading for Educational Assistants with Kelly GibbsWebinar21-LI-060
Oct 15, 2020Learning to Read and Reading to Learn in the French Immersion Program (Part 1) with Léo-James LévesqueWebinar21-FR-046
Oct 14, 2020Fall session - Online course: Education for reconciliation: Gathering our strengths (for Francophones and immersion) with Mireille CloutierWebinar21-FR-088
Oct 14, 2020English Language Arts 7-9: Professional Learning Cohort with Tannis Niziol and Irene HeffelWebinar21-LI-164
Oct 14, 2020Google Slides #1 with Jody BlackmoreWebinar21-TI-011-CARC
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