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Apr 13, 2021Structured Literacy - Rethinking Your Approach of Literacy for All (An Overview) with Kelly GibbsWebinar21-DD-EPS-KG-239
Apr 13, 2021Fractions (Grade 4) with Ulana SoletskyWebinar21-DD-NG-US-249
Apr 13, 2021Au secours! I'm Teaching a FSL Webinar with Michelle De AbreuWebinarSAPDC-5829
Apr 13, 2021Au secours! I’m Teaching FSL Webinar Series with Michelle De AbreuWebinar21-FR-020
Apr 13, 2021No One Prepared Me for This! Teaching and Supporting Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students (Part 3). with Stephanie DodykWebinar21-DD-FMP-SD-237
Apr 13, 2021Online Teachers Community Think Space (Grades 3-6) with Cheryl BabinWebinarCRCPD-6658
Apr 13, 2021Teaching Math at a Distance Grades K-3 with Theresa WillsWebinar21-MA-360
Apr 13, 2021Applying Indigenous Knowledge: PLC Working Groups - Grade Level 1 with Kim Barker-KayWebinarNRLC-6617
Apr 13, 2021Collaborative Response Throughout the System: Ensuring Success for Students from the Classroom to District Supports with Lana NogueWebinar21-IE-030-CARC
Apr 13, 2021“Speech to Print-Language Essentials for Teachers” Book Study (4 part series; Feb to May 2021) with Kelly GibbsWebinar21-IE-322
Apr 13, 2021Technology in Schools S5: Assessment and Edtech Assessment Tools with Janet BellWebinar21-TI-207
Apr 13, 2021Embedded PD & Lesson Sequence Planning with Keith Van De KeereWebinar21-DD-NG-KVK-230
Apr 13, 2021Diving into Creating an Inclusive, Language-Rich Environment with Stephanie DodykWebinar21-DD-GSA-SD-205
Apr 12, 2021Early Years Interview - Review and Conclusion (Pre-K-Grade 1) with Ulana SoletskyWebinar21-DD-EX-US-215
Apr 12, 2021Aspiring Leadership Development Series (4 of 4) with Corrie ZieglerWebinar21-DD-EX-CZ-244
Apr 12, 2021First Steps in Math (5 of 6) with Ulana SoletskyWebinar21-DD-EX-US-216
Apr 12, 2021Let’s Plan Together to Create an Inclusive Classroom for Students with Learning Disabilities & Other Learning Challenges (4 part SERIES) with Kelly GibbsWebinar21-IE-347
Apr 12, 2021Enseignement explicite de la lecture au primaire / Explicite Teaching of Reading in the Elementary Classroom with Léo-James LévesqueWebinar21-FR-294
Apr 12, 2021Aspiring Leaders Community of Practice with Marilyn SchmitkeWebinarSAPDC-6063
Apr 12, 2021Kelly Gallagher - Learn. Design. Apply: Writing with Kelly Gallagher and Tannis NiziolWebinar21-LI-010
Apr 10, 2021Instructional Leaders PD Playlist of Resources and Strategies with Cheryl BabinWebinar21-LE-188
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