Learning Opportunity

Using Big Ideas to Build Numeracy in Young Children

Facilitators: Jeanine Brownell Lisa Ginet
Date:April 26, 2016
Time:9:00 am to 3:30 pm MTN
(includes lunch, which is not prepared in a nut/gluten-free environment)
Location: Edmonton (ERLC Office at Elmwood School)
Room 17/18, 16325 - 83 Avenue
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Session Code: 16-MA-212
Focus: Inclusive Education Mathematics and Numeracy

Target Audience

Pre-K, K, Grades 1-2 Math Teachers, Math Consultants and Administrators

About this Learning Opportunity

In recent years, supporting young children’s mathematics learning has become a topic of increased interest among early childhood educators and policymakers alike.  Mathematics knowledge is vital to the economic well-being of society and the practical life success of its members. We know that early mathematics understanding significantly predicts school achievement in later years, (e.g., Duncan et al., 2007; NRC, 2009) and that early mathematics interventions have broad positive effects on student learning (e.g., Fuson, Smith & LoCicero, 1997; NRC, 2009). 

In this minds-on/hands-on professional development session, you will explore important mathematical ideas, children’s learning progressions for concepts, and how adults can scaffold children’s developing thinking and communication skills. The focus will be on developing strong number sense and fostering flexibility and fluency in counting and operations.

You will build your own understanding through investigations, video analysis, children’s literature, games and discussion with colleagues. You will also consider how to apply your new understandings in your own practice.

*Although not required for this session, you are welcome to purchase your copy of Big Ideas of Early Mathematics: What Teachers of Young Children Need to Know through Amazon, Indigo or NYAEC.

Please note that space is limited to 40 participants.

This learning opportunity is being provided through funding from Alberta Education.

About the Facilitator

Jeanine O’Nan Brownell, MS, is the Assistant Director for Programming of the Early Math Collaborative at Erikson Institute in Chicago. She is an early childhood teacher with experience in preschool to third-grade classrooms, and has worked as a mentor to new teachers, an instructional coach, and an author of early mathematics curriculum. One of Jeanine’s current projects is working with the Chicago Public Schools Department of Mathematics to develop a district-wide program of professional learning for PreK-5th Grade Teacher Leaders. 

Lisa Ginet, EdD, is the Assistant Director for Facilitation for of the Early Math Collaborative at Erikson Institute in Chicago. She has spent more than a quarter century as a professional educator in various roles: classroom teacher, child care provider, parent educator, home visitor, teacher trainer, and adjunct instructor. She has worked in diverse settings, from child care centers and elementary and middle schools to community colleges and private universities. She has taught mathematics to children from infancy to middle school and to teachers in college classes and workshops. One of Lisa’s current projects is developing a facilitators’ guide for Big Ideas of Early Mathematics: What Teachers of Young Children Need to Know.