Learning Opportunity

What Matters? Aligning Your Life, Personally and Professionally

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Facilitator: Danielle Reed
Date:April 12, 2016
Time:9:00 am to 3:30 pm MTN
(includes lunch, which is not prepared in a nut/gluten-free environment)
Location: Edmonton (ERLC Office at Elmwood School)
Room 17/18, 16325 - 83 Avenue
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Session Code: 16-IE-144
Focus: Inclusive Education Leadership

Target Audience

Teachers, Administrators, Educational Assistants, Counselors, Custodians, Librarians and anyone dealing with youth in any capacity.

About this Learning Opportunity

In this session, you will engage in powerful conversations to: 

  1. Discover your key values and how connecting with them will help you find more personal enjoyment in your work and will be a powerful example to your students.
  2. Learn the language & tools to help your students discover their values and navigate their life path with courage, curiosity, compassion and connection. When you do this, you will find your students become more teachable, responding with greater integrity and personal drive which will make your job so much easier.
  3. Find ways to move students from judgment/cliques to curiosity/compassion. Helping them avoid the pitfalls and struggles of negative peer pressure, gossiping and exclusion and create a unified community where everyone can contribute. 

These three simple yet powerful tools will lead to more joy at work, more commitment from your students, more unified classrooms and more positive connections. 

This session has two focuses...self and students. You will walk away wanting to live aligned with what matters most to you and help your students do the same.

Connections to Competencies: 

  • Demonstrate good communication skills and the ability to work cooperatively with others
  • Identify and apply career and life skills

This session is being offered on a cost recovery basis.

About the Facilitator

Danielle Reed is a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator, Professional Speaker, Youth Empowerment Coach and most importantly, a Mom! 

For 17 years, Danielle worked in schools as a teacher and Learning Support Facilitator where she created powerful relationships with the youth through optimism, values and connection. 

Now she shows teachers and parents how to connect and make powerful choices based on their core values so they can live their own wholehearted life and give the youth in their life the permission to do the same. As Brené Brown says, "Are you the adult you want your kids to grow up to be?"

Danielle knows that it is through our example that we can lead the future generations to find their own daring way. At the end of the day, being a parent is Danielle's greatest accomplishment and commitment.