ATLE Convergence 2012 Pre-Conference: The Way Forward - A Day of Digital Learning with Discovery Education Canada

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Facilitators: Hall Davidson Dean Shareski Darren Kuropatwa
Date:November 14, 2012
Time:9:00 am to 4:00 pm MDT
$35.00 (CAD)
(includes lunch, which is not prepared in a nut/gluten-free environment)
Location: Edmonton (Mayfield Inn)
16615 - 109 Avenue
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Session Code: 13-TI-142
Focus: Differentiated Instruction Educational Leadership Technology Integration

Target Audience

K-12 Teachers, Technology Leaders and Administrators

About this Learning Opportunity

A relevant and hands-on day of learning for Alberta educators, exploring new strategies for new resources to engage and support student learning in Alberta.

The Wild Ride from Trees to Bits: What Going Digital Really Means

Keynote Address – Hall Davidson

Going digital has an amazing unintended consequence for learning. New digital ‘techbooks’ arrive on iPads (and others) with cloud-based media DNA: fluid, differentiated, embedded and rich as the world wide web. And when the textbook goes digital, the whole game changes. The new book not only touches the cloud, it also becomes its own earthy backpack with a camera, sensors, encyclopedias, and much more. Interactive projects, assessments, and mobile-to-mobile media break the silos of learning into deep and immediate connections to learning. The different needs of learners are more easily met and digital resources foster networking, innovation, and curriculum support. Digital assignments and assessments move from white boards to mobile student pockets. A snapshot of what can be done right now, and a preview of where digital is heading. See how engaging it can be when apps, resources, and digital books leave their silos and play well together.

Session Options - All participants will attend all 3 sessions.  They will run concurrently and participants will attend sessions as a cohort.  When you register, you will choose the order of your sessions by selecting your cohort group.

#1 - 50 Ways and the Collective Brain with Dean Shareski (Moose Jaw, SK)

The goal of the Discovery Educator Network is to connect teachers to their greatest resource….each other. This session will explore some of the ways in which teachers are using Discovery Education and technology in general, in innovative ways. Meet some of these people and develop your own personal learning network that meets your needs as an educator and learner.

#2 - Telling Photo Tales with Darren Kuropatwa (Winnipeg, MB)

Over 80% of our brains are used interpreting visuals. It seems a waste not to take advantage this powerful channel into the minds of the learners. What sorts of ways can a single image be used to tell stories and explore complex ideas in Math, Science, Language Arts or Languages classroom? What could we do with a series of pictures? How can we do this beyond the time and space of the classroom walls and have our students generate a bank of powerful visuals to inspire future students to create even more powerful learning imagery? Bring your camera enabled mobile device. We will use it and show you how to take better pictures in the process.

#3 - Making Mobile Media Meaningful with Hall Davidson (Hollywood, CA)

Tablets, mobile phones, and iPads can create and share media (video and audio) in the extended learning anywhere/anytime world. Learn how to send images/videos/audio to common, free social media "channels" to support classrooms, projects, or entire schools. Use QR codes in surprising ways. Learn about video applications and audio for "dead" phones. Teachers can receive videos, edit and comment, and send them back---all via mobile. Finally, explore the way to pull instructional videos into apps, do chromakey ("green screen") editing, sharing, stop-motion, effects, build previews, and much, much more. Revisit the old favorite: Turning mobiles into video microscopes for less than $5. Mobiles are digital project kit bags with and media making inside!

Visit ATLE Convergence 2012 Conference for more information and to register for the November 15-16, 2012 conference.

All Pre-conference attendees are invited to attend the ATLE Convergence 2012 Conference Sneak Peek at no charge on Wednesday, November 14th.
7:00 p.m. Keynote Speaker
8:30 p.m. Exhibitors

About the Facilitator

Hall Davidson is the Director of Global Learning Initiatives for Discovery Education. With over 30 years experience as an educator, Hall is a renowned and highly sought after speaker and presenter. His energy and passion for technology makes him a favorite at some of the largest conferences around the globe. You'll find Hall's information at

Dean Shareski is the Community Manager for Discovery Education Canada. He's been actively sharing and learning online since 2005 and has been supporting teachers and students in understanding how technology can be used to transform learning. He's also a sessional lecturer at the University of Regina. Dean regularly speaks at conferences throughout Canada and the US and was named ISTE leader of the year in 2010. You'll find links to his work at

Darren Kuropatwa is a Digital Learning Consultant for St. James-Assiniboia School. He was an early user of blogs as part of his senior Math classes. Darren has gained notoriety for his innovative use of visuals and exploration in using technology to enable students to do things they could not have otherwise done. Darren is a regular presenter at Alan November's Building Learning Communities conferences and has presented both nationally and internationally. You'll find Darren's blog at