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The Four Seasons of Wellness

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Facilitator: Kelly Maxwell
Date:April 09, 2024
Time:7:00 pm to 8:00 pm MTN
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Location: Virtual
Session Code: 24-MH-029
Focus: Mental Health and Wellness Other

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About this Learning Opportunity

With spring upon us, it is a good time to reflect on our mental health and that of our loved ones. Some of us are like spring. It is a time of growth and excitement. We are eager to learn and develop new skills. Sometimes it’s like summer - a time of abundance and beauty. We feel like we are on top of the world and we feel whole. Fall or autumn can feel like our emotions are short and challenging. We struggle with interacting with ourselves and everyone around us. Winter is a dark time of stillness, almost emptiness. How can we learn to appreciate the season that we are in, or the season that our loved one is in? With skills, it is much easier and it can be effective.

This session addresses the LQS competencies

  • 2. Modeling Commitment to Professional Learning
  • 4. Leading a Learning Community

This session addresses the TQS competencies

  • 2. Engaging in Career-Long Learning
  • 3. Demonstrating a Professional Body of Knowledge

About the Facilitator

Kelly Maxwell

When you meet Kelly Maxwell, one of the first things you will hear her talk about is how learning DBT skills changed her life both personally and professionally.  After teaching for 32 years, she recently handed in her classroom keys and is now sharing about her challenging journey with her son's mental illness and how it transformed how she is able to communicate with those who... Read more »