Burnt out to Fired Up

Facilitator: Morgane Michael
Date:January 31, 2022
Time:10:30 am to 11:45 am MTN
No charge
Location: Virtual
Session Code: 22-MH-117
Focus: Mental Health

Target Audience

Teachers,,School-based Administrators, Support Staff, Wellness Coaches, Inclusive Learning Teachers

About this Learning Opportunity

Overwhelmed teachers, this workshop is for you. The truth is that you can be remarkable without burning out. Drawing from the latest research and her own teaching experiences, author Morgane Michael delivers doable strategies to reignite your passion and replenish your well-being. Make a commitment today to begin a new chapter—one where you continue to make a difference while maintaining a deep sense of wellness, worthiness, and wholeheartedness.

  • Learn why burnout happens and what you can do to thrive once again.
  • Explore the five Rs—reflect, reframe, refocus, reconnect, and reveal—and understand how each can help counter burnout.
  • Acquire a clear road map for reigniting your love for teaching.
  • Inspire others to reignite their own passion for education.
  • Discover how to sustain your passion and avoid burnout going forward.

This session addresses the LQS competencies

  • #2: Modeling Commitment to Professional Learning
  • #4: Leading a Learning Community

This session addresses the TQS competencies

  • #2: Engaging in Career-Long Learning
  • #4: Establishing Inclusive Learning Environments

This learning opportunity is being subsidized through funding from Alberta Education.

About the Facilitator

Morgane Michael has been an elementary school educator with the Greater Victoria School District in British Columbia, Canada, since 2008. Michael is a passionate advocate for social-emotional learning, kindness education, and educator well-being, and she leads professional development initiatives aligned with those efforts throughout her province. Michael pursued her interest in developing positive school culture through kindness and self-compassion practices, by promoting effective social collaboration, by nurturing creativity, and through building self-efficacy that is responsive to students’ needs. She established a culture of high expectations by launching her podcast, KindSight 101, in 2018. She has interviewed some of the world’s biggest names in education on the topics of kindness, well-being, self-compassion, and promoting positive school culture. Michael is also the creator and founder of the Small Act Big Impact 21-Day Kindness Challenge, which seeks to promote and cultivate safe and supportive school culture. She shares insights from her podcast and lesson ideas on her blog, Small Act Big Impact (www .smallactbigimpact.com). Michael received a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from the University of Victoria, British Columbia, and is currently completing a master’s degree in educational leadership. She lives with her family in Victoria, British Columbia. To learn more about Morgane Michael’s work, visit Morgane’s website and blog, Small Act Big Impact (www.smallactbigimpact.com), listen to her KindSight 101 podcast, follow @smallactbigimpact on Instagram, or follow @MorganeMichael on Twitter.