Learning Opportunity

Trauma Informed Classrooms and Wellness (2 of 4)

This session has been completed.
Facilitator: Kari Lotzien
Date:March 11, 2022
Time:8:30 am to 9:30 am MTN
Location: Virtual
Session Code: 22-DD-FMP-KL-152
Focus: Inclusive Education

Target Audience

Educational Assistants

About this Learning Opportunity

This series contains four, one hour sessions. Participants are encouraged to attend as many as they can as sessions will build on previous information. Each session will be set up in a similar format with 15-20 minutes of information in a presentation style, 2-3 strategies or resources that you can use right away and 20-30 minutes of questions, discussion and reflection on the topics or ideas.

  • Session #1:  December 3, 2021 - What is happening?
    • This first session will help to explain how trauma affects our nervous systems and reflecting on the idea of “global trauma” as it relates to the pandemic. We will explore strategies for use ourselves and with our students and have time to discuss and reflect.
  • Session #2:  March 11, 2022 - Regulation and Relationships
    • We will explore tools to help our students increase their own awareness and build their own toolbox of ways to regulate their nervous systems that can help them to build better social awareness and how their behaviour is affecting others. In this session we will discuss school as well as part time employment, dating and social groups. Again, we will provide take away resources and have time for discussion.
  • Session #3:  April 1, 2022 - Cognitive strategies to manage time and energy for our students
    • We will build on the concepts from the previous two sessions, building self regulation tools and exploring strategies for our students to set priorities, manage procrastination and keep moving toward their goals.
  • Session #4:  April 29, 2022 - Participants will be encouraged to provide feedback and questions from the first three sessions
    • We will use this last session to do a deeper dive into previous topics if the group desires or we will discuss the idea of planning for transitions and setting the stage for summer and the upcoming year.

All learning opportunities with the ERLC regional team will focus on the Alberta Education and district priority areas.

This session addresses the LQS competencies

  • #2: Modeling Commitment to Professional Learning
  • #4: Leading a Learning Community

This session addresses the TQS competencies

  • #2: Engaging in Career-Long Learning
  • #4: Establishing Inclusive Learning Environments

This learning opportunity is being subsidized through funding from Alberta Education.

About the Facilitator

Kari Lotzien has worked with children, families and schools for over 20 years as a paediatric occupational therapist. She is the founder of To the Stars Wellness Centre and Be the Anchor Ltd. Kari has presented internationally at conferences and workshops on the topics of emotional regulation, trauma informed practices and has created amazing programs for parents and educators to learn how to “be the anchor” for the children we care about. She is down to earth and provides clear strategies that can be implemented right away.