MIPI Analysis - Now What? (K-Grade 12)

This session has been completed.
Facilitator: Ulana Soletsky
Date:November 16, 2021
Time:8:20 am to 3:20 pm MDT
Location: Virtual
Session Code: 22-DD-NG-US-101
Focus: Assessment District Days Mathematics & Numeracy Numeracy

Target Audience

K-Grade 12 Math Teachers

About this Learning Opportunity

Now What??  Your students have completed the MIPI, what do I do with the results?  We need to go beyond the percent the student scored.  What do I look for and what do I do next?  Let's uncover the misconceptions and figure out what needs to be done next.

All learning opportunities with the ERLC regional team will focus on the Alberta Education and district priority areas.

This session addresses the LQS competencies

  • #2: Modeling Commitment to Professional Learning
  • #3: Embodying Visionary Leadership
  • #4: Leading a Learning Community

This session addresses the TQS competencies

  • #2: Engaging in Career-Long Learning
  • #3: Demonstrating a Professional Body of Knowledge
  • #4: Establishing Inclusive Learning Environments

This learning opportunity is being subsidized through funding from Alberta Education.

About the Facilitator

Ulana Soletsky has been an educator for 37 years, and is passionate about all things that are math from Kindergarten to Grade 9. She spent 26 years in a classroom and for the past 11 years has held the position of AISI Coordinator, and most recently Math/Numeracy Consultant for Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools. During the past 13 years she has also been seconded to the ERLC as a Consultant offering Professional Development in the area of Math and Numeracy, providing sessions primarily in the area of how we can get the best results in our math classrooms. A key component of her work at the school division level involves collaboration with school administration teams and at-elbow support to K-9 teachers. Her focus is primarily around curriculum support as well as planning for staff development and school improvement. She is a certified facilitator in the First Steps in Math and has provided PD in the Number, Number Operations, Measurement strands of First Steps in Math.