I Am a Parent: What Is My Role in at Home Learning? Part 2

Registration closes:
Apr 21, 2021 at 8:30 pm
Facilitator(s): Corrie Ziegler
Date:April 21, 2021
Time:7:30 pm to 8:30 pm MDT
No charge
Location: Virtual
Course code: 21-PA-357

Target Audience


About this learning opportunity

This session is the second session in a professional learning series to support parents. Part 2 will address topics that were not addressed in Part 1. Although it is recommended that you attend both sessions, Part 1 is not a prerequisite to Part 2.  

As parents, you and your child(ren) have no doubt experienced some form of “at home learning” at least once this past school year, and in fact, many of you are still engaged in “at home learning” today. Working with your child(ren) at home has most likely challenged you in ways you could not have imagined previous to the onset of the pandemic! Teaching your child was NOT a job you signed up for! The good news is that as parents, you do not have to be your child’s teacher.  But, you do have an incredible role to play in your child’s at home learning.  

Attend this session to deepen your understanding of how to become a powerful influence in your child learning. You will learn about some practical, researched based strategies to support you, in this new role. We will discuss questions such as:

  • How much communication with my child’s teacher is enough? Not enough? When should I be communicating? What is the best form of communication?
  • What should I be sharing with my child’s teacher? What is not important to share with my child’s teacher? 
  • How can I support my child’s use of technology when I don’t know how to use it myself?
  • What if our family has limited access to technology? 
  • How can collaborating with other parents help all of us support student learning?  
  • Are the expectations I have for my child high enough? Too high? Too low? Why does this make a difference?
  • How do I help my child become more independent and take more ownership of their own learning? 

If the above questions resonate with you, I look forward to “meeting” you and engaging in dialogue together!   

This learning opportunity is being subsidized through funding from Alberta Education.

About the facilitator(s)

Corrie Ziegler has been an educator for over 39 years. Prior to joining Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium, Corrie served as a teacher, principal, supervisor and director with Edmonton Public Schools, where she led numerous districtwide projects, managed complex teams, and facilitated professional learning sessions on a broad spectrum of topics related to teaching and learning. Corrie has her Master’s degree from the University of Alberta, and was a finalist in Alberta's Excellence in Teaching awards program. Corrie believes in the power of collaboration and has coached numerous learning communities in working together to achieve high levels of engagement and learning for all students.