French as a Second Language (FSL) PD Playlist

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Facilitator(s): Julie Valliancourt
Shayna Engel
This is a multi-day event.
Day 1Oct 15, 2020 (12:00 am to 12:00 am MDT)
Day 2Nov 01, 2020 (12:00 am to 12:00 am MDT)
Day 3Dec 01, 2020 (12:00 am to 12:00 am MDT)
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Location: Virtual
Course code: 21-FR-190

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About this learning opportunity

Whether you are an French as a Second Language teacher wanting to sharpen your skills, or an Instructional Leader looking to support staff, this 6 part FSL PD Playlist is rich in practical ideas, tips, tools and strategies that you can use right away to enhance your work and further your learning or the learning of staff you work with.

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Month What Playlists Will I Receive?

October Playlist 1 – Building My French Proficiency

·      Websites for Improving your Language Skills

·      Alberta Individual Teacher Bursary Program

·      Immersion Programs and Courses for Teachers

·      Building a Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Playlist 2 – Teaching FSL: Where do I Start?

·      Program of Studies at a Glance

·      Why Teach FSL

·      Why Learn French in Alberta

·      Beginner French Resources for FSL Teachers

·      Translation Tools

November Playlist 3 – Mindset of a Second-Language Learner

·      Encourage Risk-Taking

·      Be a Model

·      Be Inspirational

·      Acknowledge the Second Language Anxiety

Playlist 4 – Pedagogy for Effective FSL Instruction

·      Action-Oriented Task Approach

·      Thinking Routines

·      Thinking Strategies Placemat

·      Backward Design Thinking

·      Inquiry and Project-Based Learning

·      Flipped Classroom

·      Cooperative Learning, Three Part Lesson, and Collaborative Inquiry

·      French as a Second Language Guide to Implementation

·      Strategic Instruction in FSL

December Playlist 5 – Pedagogy in Action

·      Interactive Activities

·      Online Tools

·      Transfer Learning

·      Engaging Students

·      Start with the Familiar

·      Second Language Strategies

·      Breaking the Code of the Language

Playlist 6 – Resources For FSL Teachers

·      French Language Games

·      Alberta Developed Resources

·      Ontario’s New Teachers Handbook - Surviving and Thriving in the French as a Second Language Classroom

·      French Books Online

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About the facilitator(s)

Julie Valliancourt is a Literacy and French Immersion specialist with Rocky View Schools. As an educator, Julie’s focus is around designing authentic tasks that engage learners while learning a second language. She holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Calgary.

Shayna Engel is a teacher for Rocky View Schools, specializing in high school FSL and Social Studies. She is also the Equity & Diversity Learning Leader at her school and is piloting the first Gender Studies program to be offered at the high school level in Alberta. Inspired by her own experiences as an FSL student, Shayna firmly believes in the value of FSL programming and is passionate about helping her students discover that second (or third, fourth, etc.) language acquisition is beneficial as well as achievable.

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