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Cultivating Teacher Creativity and Intellect

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Facilitator(s): Rick Wormeli
Facilitated by: Susan Woo
Date:October 01, 2020
Time:4:00 pm – 6:00 pm MDT
$25.00 (CAD)
Location: Virtual
Course code: 21-AS-003

About this learning opportunity

In the last quarter of the 2019-2020 school year, the Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium presented four sessions with Rick Wormeli on Assessment & Grading to Support Learning at Home, focusing on effective principles and practices, particularly in our challenging situation with all students learning at home instead of in their school buildings due to the pandemic outbreak of Covid-19. In three two-hour, interactive sessions, we examined assessment and grading principles and how they apply to grading while students are learning at home, differentiated instruction, descriptive feedback techniques, and how to minimize cheating and plagiarizing. These were followed by a Question and Answer session in which participants’ follow-up questions regarding these topics were answered.  

As we look at the lessons learned during this emergency teaching period of the last few months, we are re-shaping our priorities regarding required and/or blended remote instruction in the year ahead. Interest in ethical, accurate, and pedagogically effective instruction, assessment, and grading practices has emerged as a result. If you weren’t able to take part in these webinars, the links to those recordings will be shared on each session page that aligns. We ask that all participants review the appropriate recordings prior to each corresponding webinar to ensure continuity for your professional learning. 

To continue supporting Alberta educators in this effort, ERLC is offering a series of presentations by Rick Wormeli for the 2020-21 school year that extend ideas from the Assessment & Grading to Support Learning at Home series, and introduce new content supportive of those principles that apply to both in-person AND remote learning scenarios. Each webinar is an important element to address assessment and grading challenges for Alberta. 

It is highly recommended that participants register for all five sessions in this series and as a school cohort to fully engage in a cycle of action research towards developing a deeper understanding of how specific research/evidence-based pedagogical approaches can positively impact student learning.

Day 2: October 1st 4 - 6 pm

When teaching the same thing year after year, sometimes we can become complacent as educators, going through the motions, relying on comfortable familiarity to resolve instruction and assessment challenges. As a result, creativity and intellect can atrophy over time. If we expect to instill competencies such as critical thinking, problem solving and creativity and innovation in students, it’s vital that educators are able to demonstrate those same competencies in their instructional design and practice. Developing these competencies can lead to enhanced teaching and learning.

This provocative and practical session provides principles and specific actions that cultivate one’s own creativity and intellect as an educator in order to solve problems, reform instruction and assessment tasks and approaches, help students overcome inequities and learn in new ways.

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Day 4 - Nov 17th 4 - 6 pm: “What the Text is Summarization?! Why Should I Use It for Learning and Assessment?”
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This session is being offered on a cost recovery basis.

About the facilitator(s)

Rick Wormeli is an experienced classroom and building educator who now writes professional articles and education books while training teachers, principals, superintendents, business organizations, school boards, and parents in North America and around the world. Emphasizing up-to-date pedagogy, innovation, and professionalism, Rick’s work often focuses on nine topics: assessment/feedback/grading, differentiated instruction, leadership, literacy, motivation, cognitive science/linguistics, teacher-student relationships, racism and creativity. He has achieved many honors in his career, including being in the first group of Nationally Board Certified Teachers in the United States, winning the Outstanding English Teacher of the Nation award from Disney's American Teacher Awards, and being granted the James P. Garvin Award for Teaching Excellence, Service, and Leadership.

Twitter: @rickwormeli2