Tacpac comes to Alberta!


Tacpac is a sensory communication resource using touch and music. Tacpac helps people with sensory impairment, developmental delay, complex learning difficulties, tactile defensiveness, and limited or pre verbal levels of communication. It won a National Association of Special Educational Needs Inclusion Award for its ability to involve all people of all ages and stages of ability. Tacpac combines the sense of touch and music through social interaction. It  is delivered via an interaction between 2 people – a giver and a receiver. The session is structured and takes place in an emotionally safe environment, clear of other sensory interferences.

Hilary Wainer, director of Tacpac Ltd, is coming to Alberta this November to run trainings for our SEN staff. Trainings will take place on the following dates:

21st November in Edmonton

22nd November in Grande Prairie

23rd November in Calgary

24th November in Calgary

25th November in Lethbridge

For more information, visit http://tacpac.co.uk/