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This resource demonstrates strategies to support universal designs for learning within an inclusive context in the early learning classroom.

Promising Practices Provincial Symposium 2012

Videos from this symposium provide an opportunity to hear leading academics in neuroscience and education alongside professionals in early learning. A panel of experts connected research and promising practices from across Alberta to demonstrate a diverse range of possibilities for inclusive practices to enhance learning of all children. 

* Conversation guide available
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Galileo Educational Network

This PD resource contains current research, videos, and promising practices about early child development, optimal learning experiences and play for education professionals and parents.


In an earlier in person session, Cathy Fosnot used digital video of children at work in K-2 classrooms to examine the development of the big ideas, strategies, and models related to early number sense, addition, and subtraction. These were be placed on a \"landscape of learning\" - a learning trajectory that participants could then use in planning instruction and assessing. They also examined ways to use games, contexts, and routines to support development.

This webinar provides participants with an ongoing dialogue with Cathy Fosnot as to how these ideas are working in their classrooms. This is good for a group of teachers to listen together and discuss.


This three-webinar series, focused on Early Literacy, covers creating Notebook lessons that address higher order thinking skills, critical thinking skills and assessment for learning.

* Conversation guide available

The Learning through Play academic round table, held on Oct.15, 2010, provided an opportunity to discuss current research and assist the Early Learning Branch in developing key messages about learning through play to facilitate a greater understanding in communities, schools and families about the importance of play in a child's development. This wiki houses a collection of resource links from the event.

Inclusion in the Early Years: Provincial Promising Practices Symposium was held December 6, 2010. This page provides links to resources and information you may find helpful to support your work in providing inclusive, play-based early learning programs for children as well as presenters' resources and slides.

Literacy opens doors to the world.  It is the foundation for continuous learning and a vital characteristic of the highly skilled population needed for Alberta's next generation economy.

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