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This PD resource is intended to assist school leaders with awareness and understanding of the mathematics program of studies with the purpose to support implementation and student learning.

with Dr. Marian Small

For some students, success just happens. For most students, we need to make it happen. We’ll discuss a twelve-step program that will improve the mathematical environment and opportunity for success for every student in your class, whether struggling or thriving, and for you, too.

The Alberta Program of Studies for Mathematics includes information on seven mathematical processes that reflect the philosophy of teaching mathematics and are intended to inform classroom practice. This resource provides ideas on how to implement the seven mathematical processes in your classroom.

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Activating Students in High School Math by John Scammell

This site is to be a repository of engaging activities linked to the WNCP High School Math Curriculum, which suggests that teachers should “orchestrate the experiences” from which students extract meaning.

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This website provides information and resources for grade 1-6 teachers in Alberta who want to learn more about mathematics instruction and numeracy development for students with significant disabilities and provides a model of what an online community of practice for teachers could look like.

This is an image of the mathematics poster created to share a visual message about the new program. Copies of the full size poster were distributed by the consortium in your area.

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Alberta’s mathematics program includes seven mathematical processes that are critical aspects of learning and teaching mathematics. In this series, each video depicts an example of how these one of the processes are embedded in the classroom.


This session explores research-supported strategies for math achievement and gives an overview of some interventions and assessment strategies that Alberta districts are currently using including:

  • Academy of Math
  • Dreambox
  • Power of Ten

This is the first of a series of provincial high school mathematics institutes hosted by ARPDC from 2010 to 2012. This first institute featured Dr. Peter Liljedahl and was shared with sites across the province via videoconference.

Teaching to the New 10C Curriculum

This is the second of a series of provincial high school mathematics institutes hosted by ARPDC from 2010 to 2012.  This second institute featured Dr. Peter Liljedahl and shared with sites across the province via webcasting in June 2010.

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