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Nov 29, 2019Supporting our French Immersion students to be competent in the second language with Denis CousineauSherwood Park20-FR-229
Nov 29, 2019What can Planning for Assessing Conceptual Understanding look like? with Michele JonesEdmonton20-DD-CHARTER-MJ-226
Nov 29, 2019Aligning Assessments: Reflecting Rigor of PATs and Diplomas with Tim CoatesEdson20-DD-LW-TC-005
Nov 29, 2019Literacy Power Workout 2 Day Series: Writing Power & Powerful Understanding with Adrienne GearEdmonton20-LI-013
Nov 29, 2019Parlons français: Fall Boot Camp with Michelle De AbreuEdmonton20-FR-182
Nov 29, 2019Teaching VR - Exploring the VR Environment and Designing Experiences with Nicole LakustaParkland County20-TI-190
Nov 28, 2019Exploring the Importance of Conceptual Pedagogy within the Education Undergraduate Program with Susan Woo and Michele JonesEdmonton20-DD-UA-SW-261
Nov 28, 2019Fabuleux projets d’écriture en 1re année with Edith FafardEdmonton20-FR-048
Nov 27, 2019Assistive Technology Tools and Strategies to Support Early Writers and Students with Physical Challenges with Bonnie-Lynn DavidEdmonton20-IE-067
Nov 27, 2019Managing Anxiety in the Classroom: Cultivating Understanding and Healing with Tania JohnsonSherwood Park20-MH-142
Nov 27, 2019Violent Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA) Level 2 with Pat RivardEdmonton20-IE-069
Nov 26, 2019The Learning Partnership - Come Learn About the Free Programs Available to You with Don BlackwellWebinar20-TI-250
Nov 26, 2019Leading Indigenous Education in your School with Corrie ZieglerSherwood Park20-DD-EIC-CZ-230
Nov 26, 2019Violent Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA) Level 2 with Pat RivardEdmonton20-IE-069
Nov 25, 2019An Introduction to the Draft Curriculum, and Conceptual Pedagogy with Michele JonesEdmonton20-DD-DFC-MJ-244
Nov 25, 2019Reading Readiness Screening Tool and the Right to Read Program with Paddy Zadunayski and Paddy ZadunayskiEdmonton20-CP-092
Nov 25, 2019Block Play Builds Bodies and Minds: A Day of Professional Learning for the Early Years with Cindy GreenEdmonton20-EL-028
Nov 23, 2019Parlons français: Café et conversation with Michelle De AbreuEdmonton20-FR-185
Nov 22, 2019Building Thinking Classrooms to Literacy Outcomes in Division I and II with Susan WooBarrhead20-DD-PH-SW-238
Nov 22, 2019Effective Ways to Address Content Area Numeracy Skills - Division III and IV with Ulana SoletskyBarrhead20-DD-PH-US-239
Nov 22, 2019Intro to Google Classroom (for Novice Users) with Christine QuongBarrhead20-DD-PH-CQ-237
Nov 22, 2019Building Indigenous Foundational Knowledge Through a Community of Practice with Corrie ZieglerEdmonton20-AB-074
Nov 22, 2019Indigenous Texts in K-12 Classrooms with Shelby LaFramboise-HelgesonSturgeon County20-DD-SSD-SLH-233
Nov 22, 2019Self Regulation Skills - Students, Parents, all School Staff with Bonnie RandallSturgeon County20-DD-SSD-BR-243
Nov 22, 2019Literacy Within and Across Disciplines: Elementary with Susan WooEnoch20-DD-EX-SW-016
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