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Date Title Location Session Code
Feb 22, 2019Numeracy Planning and Classroom Modeling with Keith Van De KeereGunn19-DD-NG-KV-057
Feb 22, 2019 Make One Change Learning Bus Tour with Nicole LakustaSpruce Grove19-LE-431
Feb 22, 2019Project Based Learning (PBL) Two Day Workshop, Grades 1-12 with Corrie ZieglerEdmonton19-CR-045
Feb 21, 2019Support for Grades 7-12 Language Arts Teachers with an First Nations, Mètis and Inuit focus. with Susan WooEdmonton19-DD-ECS-SW-116X
Feb 21, 2019Building Competency in Indigenous Pedagogy with Jessica DanielsEdmonton19-DD-ECS-JD-009
Feb 21, 2019WEBINAR: Writing Literacy Strategies for students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearning with Connie MayerWebinar19-IE-355
Feb 21, 2019 Make One Change Learning Bus Tour with Nicole LakustaEdmonton 18521 Stony Plain Rd, Edm19-LE-431
Feb 21, 2019Literacy/ELA Support: Enhancing Strategies with Crystal CholinLeduc - Star Catholic Central Office 19-DD-STA-CC-028
Feb 21, 2019Project Based Learning (PBL) Two Day Workshop, Grades 1-12 with Corrie ZieglerEdmonton19-CR-045
Feb 20, 2019WEBINAR: Research in Deafblind and Team Approach to working with the individuals with Deafblindness with Linda MamerWebinar19-IE-353
Feb 20, 2019Reggio-Inspired Inquiry and Play: Connecting - Community, Family and Culture with Anita Sterne and Christine QuongEdmonton19-EL-148
Feb 20, 2019Joint Commitment to Action Committee Meeting with Corrie ZieglerEdmonton19-MT-468
Feb 19, 2019Strategies for Developing Number Sense with Geri LorwayStony Plain19-DD-PSD-GL-122
Feb 19, 2019Indigenous Kits for the Grade One Classroom with Corrie Ziegler and Jessica DanielsEdmonton19-AB-450
Feb 19, 2019Using Critical Lenses to Deepen Reading Comprehension with Susan WooEdmonton19-LI-427
Feb 19, 2019Big 5 of Supporting ELLs with Ciara SmithEdmonton19-DD-STA-CS-127
Feb 15, 2019 Infusing Indigenous Ways of Learning in High School Math and Sciences with Susan Woo and Jessica DanielsEdmonton19-AB-442
Feb 15, 2019Differentiating Math Assessment in the Grade 6-12 Math Classroom with Dave MartinEdmonton19-MA-030
Feb 14, 2019Google Certified Educator - Level 1 Training with Christine QuongMorinville19-DD-SSD-CQ-103
Feb 13, 2019WEBINAR: Parenting in the Digital Age with Christine QuongWebinar19-PA-403
Feb 13, 2019A Framework for Understanding Poverty with Ruby PayneEdmonton19-CP-377
Feb 13, 2019Improving Mathematics Instruction for Students Who Struggle: Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, Grades 1-5 with Karen KarpEdmonton19-MA-008
Feb 13, 2019Indigenous Kits for the Kindergarten Classroom with Corrie Ziegler and Jessica DanielsEdmonton19-AB-448
Feb 12, 2019Teaching Concept Based Curriculum and Instruction with Julie SternEdmonton19-NC-368
Feb 11, 2019Supporting Secondary FSL Teachers with Ideas and Strategies for Planning, Assessment and Best Practices with Michelle De Abreu19-DD-EIP-MD-118
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