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Apr 13, 2018What to Look For: Student Thinking in Early Numeracy 2-Day Primary Math Institute with Kate CooperEdmonton18-MA-190
Apr 13, 2018Writing For the Love of It - Using a Workshop Approach & Up The Ladder Resource with Bonnie LebowitzEdmonton18-LI-281
Apr 12, 2018WEBINAR: Working Together to Support Mental Health in Alberta Schools with Michele JonesWebinar18-MH-241
Apr 12, 2018Examining Myths & Stereotypes, Historical & Contemporary Contributions, Advancing Reconciliation with Jessica DanielsEdmonton18-DD-ECS-JD-130
Apr 12, 2018Build Your Personal Learning Network with Social Media with Christine QuongEdmonton18-TI-193
Apr 12, 2018Digital Citizenship: An Ongoing Conversation with Christine QuongEdmonton18-TI-194
Apr 12, 2018What to Look For: Student Thinking in Early Numeracy 2-Day Primary Math Institute with Kate CooperEdmonton18-MA-190
Apr 11, 2018Engage Your Students by Building Mathematical Thinking Classrooms with Dave MartinEdmonton18-MA-188
Apr 11, 2018Myth-busting: Debunking Multiple-choice Misconceptions with Tim CoatesEdmonton18-AS-052
Apr 10, 2018Foundation for What? First Nations, Métis and Inuit Foundational Knowledge - A Conversation about this New Richness in Schools with Jessica DanielsSherwood Park18-DD-EIC-JD-121
Apr 10, 2018Collaborative Response Model Community of Practice for School Leadership Teams with Kurtis HewsonEdmonton18-CP-077
Apr 10, 2018MFWHSR - Supporting Positive Mental Health in Our High Schools with Stephanie McConnell, Louise Osland and Michele JonesEdmonton18-CR-270
Apr 10, 2018Using Games in the Mathematics Classroom with Debbie DuvallEdmonton18-MA-123
Apr 09, 2018Assistive Technology Tools and Strategies to Support Early Writers and Students with Physical Challenges with Bonnie-Lynn DavidEdmonton18-IE-253
Apr 09, 2018Moving to Open-ended Investigations and Improving Conceptual Understanding in Physics 20 and 30 with Laura Pankratz and Marc KozakEdmonton18-AS-239
Apr 06, 2018Digging Into Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) to Enhance your Practice and Accelerate Student Learning with Bonnie LebowitzEdmonton18-LI-282
Apr 04, 2018Supports for French Immersion Teachers with Sherri JohnstonAthabasca18-DD-AV-SJ-126
Apr 03, 2018WEBINAR: Taking Project Based Learning Outdoors - The Importance of Nature Connection and Education with Kathy Worobec and Michele JonesWebinar18-CR-274
Apr 03, 2018Where Can Play be Found in My Classroom? with David SobolewskiEdmonton18-EL-266
Mar 28, 2018WEBINAR: Meaning-Making in AAC Intervention: Participation & Engagement (CCN) with Erna AlantWebinar18-IE-221
Mar 28, 2018WEBINAR: Ruby Bridges was Alone: The Descriptive Teaching Method for Emergent Students with Erin SheldonWebinar18-IE-290
Mar 23, 2018Foundational Knowledge in First Nation Metis and Inuit with Jessica DanielsBeaumont18-DD-BG-JD-110
Mar 23, 2018Writing For All! Supporting Literacy Learning for Students with Significant Disabilities with Sandra GluthEdmonton18-IE-252
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