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Date Title Location Course Code
Dec 01, 2017Words Their Way - Beginning Level with Orishia AsherLeduc18-DD-BG-EX-036
Dec 01, 2017Best Practices in Math with Ulana SoletskySmith18-DD-AV-US-062
Dec 01, 2017Supporting High School Completion: A Tool Kit For Success Resource with Michele JonesEdmonton18-LE-175
Dec 01, 2017Getting to Know Google Drive with Christine QuongEdmonton18-TI-016
Nov 30, 2017First Steps in Mathematics with Ulana SoletskyEdmonton18-DD-ECS-US-073
Nov 30, 2017Comprehensive Literacy Instruction, 5-day Series with Sherri JohnstonEdmonton18-LI-103
Nov 30, 2017Design Thinking: A Strategy to Encourage Innovation in our Classrooms with John Nedd and Michele JonesEdmonton18-CR-046
Nov 30, 2017Extending the Writing Process - Supporting Literacy Learning for Students with Significant Disabilities with Sandra GluthEdmonton18-IE-095
Nov 30, 2017Have Fun and Success Using AIM (Wendy Maxwell's Gesture Approach) for Your French Instruction with Laurie FaberEdmonton18-FR-160
Nov 29, 2017WEBINAR: Emergent AAC using Motivate, Model, Move out of the Way (CCN) with Kate AhernWebinar18-IE-186
Nov 29, 2017Understanding of the Math First Steps with Ulana SoletskyLeduc18-DD-STA-US-009
Nov 29, 2017Focus on FUNdamentals and Infusing Play Into Every Day with Tracy LockwoodEdmonton18-EL-131
Nov 29, 2017Inclusion in Secondary Classrooms – 3-part Series with Shelley MooreEdmonton18-IE-069
Nov 28, 2017Project Based Learning with Corrie ZieglerLegal18-DD-GSA-CZ-080
Nov 28, 2017FSL - Let's Talk! 3-day Series with Sherri JohnstonEdmonton18-FR-109
Nov 28, 2017Inclusion in Elementary Classrooms – 3-part Series with Shelley MooreEdmonton18-IE-068
Nov 27, 2017Project Based Learning with Corrie ZieglerLegal18-DD-GSA-CZ-079
Nov 27, 2017Diploma Examinations: Marking Processes and Standards- Social Studies with Provincial Assessment SectorEdmonton18-AS-180
Nov 27, 2017Making Multiplicative Thinking Accessible to All in Grades 3-6 with Ulana SoletskyEdmonton18-MA-071
Nov 27, 2017Supporting Positive Mental Health for Today's Students with Patrick CarneyEdmonton18-MH-053
Nov 24, 2017Superhero Training: Promoting and Supporting Positive Behaviour! with Sandra GluthEdmonton18-IE-088
Nov 24, 2017Self Regulation – Why it Matters and How to Help Students Achieve It? with Krystal AbrahamowiczEdmonton18-MH-165
Nov 24, 2017Using Centres in the Second Language Classroom, Grades 4-12 with Karissa PotiukEdmonton18-FR-132
Nov 23, 2017Planning for Anchor-Read-Apply - Supporting Literacy Learning for Students with Significant Disabilities with Sandra GluthEdmonton18-IE-089
Nov 23, 2017Word Wall, Word Activities and Extension into Writing - Supporting Literacy Learning for Students with Significant Disabilities with Sandra GluthEdmonton18-IE-093
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