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Date Title Location Session Code
Feb 25, 2020Early Learning Deep Dive Book Study with Anita SterneEdmonton20-EL-171
Feb 25, 2020Build a toolbox of strategies to implement with students with Autism: Part 2: Expanding Engagement and Communication in Students with Autism with Terri DuncanEdmonton20-IE-195
Feb 25, 2020Conceptual Understanding in Mathematics with Ulana SoletskyThorhild20-DD-AV-US-252
Feb 24, 2020Concept-Based Inquiry Bookstudy with Michele JonesWebinar20-NC-294
Feb 24, 2020Sound Assessment & Processes for Thinking Classrooms & Transfer Learning with Susan WooEnoch20-DD-EX-SW-018
Feb 21, 2020Grade 6 Mathematics PAT's - Improving Student Achievement with Ulana SoletskySturgeon County20-DD-SSD-US-249
Feb 21, 2020Technology Implementation Planning with Christine QuongEdmonton20-DD-NSD-CQ-336
Feb 20, 2020Improving Student Achievement in Numeracy with Keith Van De KeereWhitecourt20-DD-NG-KV-279
Feb 19, 2020Improving Numeracy with Ulana SoletskyMorinville20-DD-SSD-US-348
Feb 19, 2020Complex Access and Communication: A 3-Part Approach for Emerging Communicators with Kim Elliott, Carrie Luse and Kathy HoweryWebinar20-IE-279
Feb 19, 2020Routines Based Early Intervention: Why it is important for Children (Birth - 3 years of age) with DeEtte SnyderWebinar20-IE-282
Feb 19, 2020Concept-Based Mathematics: Jennifer Wathall Bookstudy with Ulana Soletsky and Michele JonesWebinar20-MA-050
Feb 19, 2020Students with ADHD in the Classroom: Research-backed Strategies for Educators with Tania JohnsonSherwood Park20-MH-145
Feb 19, 2020Classroom Walkthroughs - What's the Why and How? with Corrie ZieglerEdmonton20-LE-263
Feb 19, 2020Literacy Principles for Principals: Impacting Student Achievement with Susan Woo and Irene HeffelEdmonton20-LE-154
Feb 18, 2020K to 4 New Curriculum with Corrie ZieglerEdmonton20-DD-EPS-CZ-026
Feb 18, 2020Numeracy Interventions & Guided Numeracy with Ulana SoletskyEdmonton20-DD-EPS-US-024
Feb 18, 2020Improving Student Achievement in Numeracy with Keith Van De KeereWhitecourt20-DD-NG-KV-278
Feb 14, 2020Building Indigenous Foundational Knowledge Through a Community of Practice with Corrie ZieglerSpruce Grove20-AB-074
Feb 14, 2020Fidgets and Calming Centres - Behavioural Strategies to Channel Emotions in Your Classrooms with Sheila ChisholmEdmonton20-IE-087
Feb 13, 2020First Steps in Math with Ulana SoletskyStony Plain20-DD-PSD-US-246
Feb 12, 2020Using an Inquiry-Based Approach (Reggio Emilia) in Early Childhood French Immersion, a follow-up session with Marielle HamonWebinar20-FR-247
Feb 12, 2020Parents as Partners: Helping Children Develop Strong Writing Skills with Irene HeffelEdmonton20-LI-277
Feb 12, 2020Conceptual Unit Planning K-6; Various Subject Areas with Michele JonesEdmonton20-DD-CHARTER-MJ-329
Feb 12, 2020Integrating English Language Arts and Literacy for 21st Century Learners (Secondary) 3-Day Series with Susan WooEdmonton20-LI-039
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