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Psychological First Aid for a Pandemic, with Children, Youth and Families - AM

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Facilitator(s): Lorelee Marin
Christina Harvey
Date:August 26, 2020
Time:9:00 am – 11:00 am MDT
No charge
Location: Virtual
Course code: 20-MH-450

Target Audience

Educational Assistants, Teachers, Administrators, System Leadership, Community Partners, Counsellors

About this learning opportunity

This 2 hour interactive webinar has been developed to support professionals (teachers, school administration staff, community partners, counsellors etc.), as well as parents and caregivers to enhance skills and increase confidence when supporting children, youth and families during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. This workshop builds on the foundations of the AHS PFA program, providing a compassionate and caring response that addresses basic, social and emotional needs in the impact and response phases of this pandemic. While its learning objectives are similar to the PFA workshop for Helpers, responders and community members, it also includes additional content and resources for the following areas:

• Identifying and responding to common stress reactions for children/teens (and recognizing when to refer for professional mental health supports),

• Understanding how to identify and address safety concerns for children/families,

• Identifying and providing practical support for children, teens and families,

• Strategies to help stabilize intense emotions and stress reactions for children of all age groups.


This learning opportunity is being offered through a grant from Alberta Education.

About the facilitator(s)

Lorelee Marin

Lorelee Marin is a Health Promotion Facilitator, Addiction Prevention and Mental Health Promotion with Alberta Health Services serving Vermilion – Lloydminster. Lorelee serves as the Animator for the Prevention & Promotion working group for Project Sunrise. She is the past chair of the Lloydminster Area Drug Strategy and the co-chair of yllMyHome whose vision is to create a community where kids can grow up great! Lorelee is an active community volunteer and feels grateful for the opportunity to be part of community.

Christina Harvey

Christina Harvey is a Health Promotion Facilitator with Community Addiction and Mental Health based out of Wainwright. Christina serves MD of Wainwright, MD of Provost, Flagstaff County and East side of Beaver County. Currently Christina chairs two community coalitions and participates with many others in her communities. Through volunteering Christina has witnessed the power of communities and appreciates meeting and collaborating with many community members throughout Central Zone.