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Renewed Need for Foundational Statements

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Facilitator(s): Amber Hester
Date:May 21, 2020
Time:1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
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Location: Virtual
Course code: 20-IE-385

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About this learning opportunity

Why are we here?  What do we hope to accomplish together?  During/ After the Covid19 Pandemic the reset may be in order  upon returning back to school with your staff or departments at the system level.  This process results in an opportunity to focus on your team's function and purpose.  It results in more than revisiting statements but reviewing our beliefs and commitments to one another to ensure the work is aligned and focused on what is most important.



About the facilitator(s)

Amber Hester

Amber Hester is a highly skilled leader and strategic planner at the systems level with a number of years of experience at the school and district level. With Jigsaw Learning, Amber has been engaged in extensive work with district leaders in developing vision, mission, and values consensus as well as planning across all departments to align and deploy services and supports across the system. She is currently partnering with a number of First Nation school authorities and cultural teams to strategically map roles, responsibilities, supports and services to better meet the needs of schools and communities. Her exceptional strategic planning skills are highly valued and sought after by district and school leaders!

  • Leadership Experience: Assistant Superintendent, Coordinator, and School-Based Leadership in school districts in both Alberta and Saskatchewan
  • CASS Member and past Board of Director for CASS, past member of LEADS in Saskatchewan
  • First Nations, Metis and Inuit Leadership support with districts and past member of the First Nations, Metis and Inuit provincial Education Action Committee
  • Strategic Planning supports for systems, schools and individual leaders.
  • Leadership Development and Team Development for Systems and Schools
  • Over 20 years of classroom and leadership experience at all grade levels and in a variety of urban and rural contexts.