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Differentiated Instruction: Principles and Practicalities

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Facilitator(s): Rick Wormeli
Facilitated by Susan Woo
Date:May 07, 2020
Time:2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
No charge
Location: Virtual
Course code: 20-AS-377

Target Audience

Teachers (Grades 1 to 12)

Also Recommended For

School-based Administrators; Instructional/ Learning Coaches; District Leaders/Consultants

About this learning opportunity

*Please note that the Zoom link will be emailed to you 2 hours prior to the start time of this webinar

It is highly recommended that participants register for all three sessions in this webinar series with educational assessment leader Rick Wormeli for Assessment to Support Learning at Home. Participants are encouraged to register as part of a school team to develop a deeper understanding of how foundational assessment principles can positively impact student learning.

*Please note that you need to be an Alberta educator to be eligible to register for this session.

Day 2 - May 7th

Differentiated Instruction: Principles and Practicalities

Some students are ready for the first steps of a topic, others are ready for advanced assignments, and still, others don’t have the basic elements from last year’s curriculum, so how do we tier instruction and assignments to maximize each child’s learning?  "Let me see what it looks like!" is the most common request from those differentiated practices in their classrooms, and this session provides a robust response to that plea. Join us for a practical and thought-provoking look at what constitutes effective instructional practice for diverse students. Using real classroom situations and examples to support learning at home, this session provides tips on lesson design, tiering, assessment, practical cognitive science principles, flexible grouping, and how to get to know our students so we can respond appropriately. This is a "how-to" and "why-we-do-it" workshop for those just getting their feet wet and for those already swimming in differentiated instruction who want more ideas. Don’t miss it!

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This session addresses the LQS competencies

  • #2: Modeling Commitment to Professional Learning
  • #3: Embodying Visionary Leadership
  • #4: Leading a Learning Community
  • #6: Providing Instructional Leadership
  • #9: Understanding and Responding to the Larger Societal Context

This session addresses the TQS competencies

  • #2: Engaging in Career-Long Learning
  • #3: Demonstrating a Professional Body of Knowledge
  • #4: Establishing Inclusive Learning Environments

About the facilitator(s)

Rick Wormeli is an experienced classroom and building educator who now writes professional articles and education books while training teachers, principals, superintendents, business organizations, school boards, and parents in North America and around the world. Emphasizing up-to-date pedagogy, innovation, and professionalism, Rick’s work often focuses on nine topics: assessment/feedback/grading, differentiated instruction, leadership, literacy, motivation, cognitive science/linguistics, teacher-student relationships, racism and creativity. He has achieved many honors in his career, including being in the first group of Nationally Board Certified Teachers in the United States, winning the Outstanding English Teacher of the Nation award from Disney's American Teacher Awards, and being granted the James P. Garvin Award for Teaching Excellence, Service, and Leadership.

Twitter: @rickwormeli2

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