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Blueprinting and Developing High-School Science Assessments (Provincial Assessment Sector)

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Facilitator(s): Shannon Mitchell
Claudine Coleman
Date:August 28, 2019
Time:8:30 am – 12:00 pm
No charge
Location: Spruce Grove
Course code: 19-AS-540
Participants should bring a copy of the program of studies for a course that they are currently instructing, and several classroom assessments that they are willing to analyze. A laptop would also be useful.

About this learning opportunity

Offered by the Provincial Assessment Sector.

This session is based on the provincially established performance standards published by Alberta Education in subject-specific information bulletins and standards documents. A blueprint that reflects the standards will be developed by the participants for whichever course they are instructing. Then any of the activities, projects, tests, questions, etc., that the participants are using will be mapped onto the blueprint.