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WEBINAR: Emergent AAC using Motivate, Model, Move out of the Way (CCN)

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Facilitator(s): Kate Ahern
Date:November 29, 2017
Time:3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
No charge
Location: Virtual
Course code: 18-IE-186

Target Audience

Teachers, SLPs, Para-educators and teams who serve children and youth with complex communication needs. Additional team members including OTs, Administrators, Assistive Technology Staff and Parents of students who have communication systems are encouraged to attend.

About this learning opportunity

Learn how to introduce robust AAC to children and others with complex communication needs using motivating activities, aided language stimulation (modeling) and a specialized prompt hierarchy to ensure learners are as autonomous as possible. 

This learning opportunity is being provided through funding from Alberta Education.

About the facilitator(s)

Kate Ahern is an educational specialist for learners with Complex Communication Needs (CCN) in private practice in New England. She holds a combined B.A./M.S.Ed. from Simmons College in Boston. Her special interests include AAC use in Rett Syndrome, Angelman Syndrome and other rare neurodevelopmental syndromes. 

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