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Webinar: From Presence to Contribution: A Family's Journey Towards an Inclusive Life

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Facilitator(s): Erin Sheldon
Date:March 16, 2017
Time:4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
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Location: Virtual
Course code: 17-IE-330

Target Audience

Teachers, SLPs, Para-educators and teams who serve children and youth with complex communication needs. Additional team members including OTs, Administrators, Assistive Technology Staff and Parents

About this learning opportunity

When my daughter Maggie was diagnosed with significant disabilities, her future appeared grim and isolated. Including her in the regular classroom has been a complex journey. However, after meeting adults with significant disabilities who were receiving support to lead ordinary but enviable lives, our family began to form a vision for Maggie's future and our idea of "inclusion" began to broaden and transform. I will share three strategies that built the foundation for Maggie's future as she transitions to high school and beyond: person-centred planning; raising our learning expectations through an understanding of emergent language and literacy development; and a focus on natural supports and strong friendships.

This learning opportunity is being provided through funding from Alberta Education.

About the facilitator(s)

Erin Sheldon was a union negotiator when her first child was diagnosed with significant disabilities, a chromosome disorder called Angelman syndrome. Erin went back to school at Queen's University and earned her master's degree in Education to explore the education needs of students with this syndrome. Erin presents internationally on the topics of school inclusion, emergent literacy and language development, and assistive technology. She has authored articles, book chapters, and manuals for classroom teachers and parents. Erin works with school teams to support students with complex learning needs to learn to use communication systems and succeed in inclusive classrooms. She is on the Communication Advisory Committee of the Angelman Syndrome Foundation and led a free year-long webinar series for educators, The Communication Training Project. She is the CEO of Integration Action for Inclusion, Ontario's parent organization for school inclusion.